Friday, August 27, 2010

All wrapped up!

Tonight I'm staying in, doing some last minute cram study for my uni exams FAST APPROACHING next week and wrapping up my beautiful Mums birthday present!! It's mums birthday this Sunday (and because I'll be away travelling down to Wagga for uni) I have got myself together getting mums pressie all organised.

I'm giving her the yummy chunky marshmellow knitted scarf I made not too long ago, a pretty outdoor wire decorative wall piece that she chose from the Nyngan Ag Expo and a novel by the Author Rachel Treasure (my mum and I both love her book "Jillaroo" and this is one of the many books that Rachel has written since. This one is called "The Stockmen") I'm hoping she likes it just as much as "Jillaroo"!!

I love wrapping presents and writing cards and things. I think making presents look pretty when given adds that little something extra!! I bought a cute card from Jodie in her store Jellywares in town to tie to the scarf.

Because mum and dad are heading out to the farm this weekend to do some cattle work I'm going to leave mums goodies at her house waiting for her to get home on Sunday to rip into them!!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to show you the goodies that I'm sending my swap partner for the Calico and Co Big Birthday Craft Swap. I wont name my partner just in case she is floating around Blogland and stumbles across my page finding out what I'm sending her before I send it!!

I'm sending it a bit early because I will be too busy (and out of town) next week to get it all organised for the post in time for the swap deadline! I'm excited to see what goodies I get from my Swap partner!!

More craftie news to come tomorrow!

But for now - here's an early Happy Birthday shout out to my Mum!!! Love you lots and lots xxoo!!

(Me and Mum in the Philippines Dec 2009)


  1. i love the scarf - looks alot like a cowl i am knitting for my swap partner (who is not you, so i can tell you haha).
    have a great time in wagga xxox
    ps - checking out the books you recommended - they look really good. thx

  2. Wow! How very organised of you! Goodluck with your exams!

  3. Thanks girls, will need all the luck for these exams!! lol
    Definitely check out the books Krystal, I haven't read "The Stockmen" yet but "Jillaroo" was good, and you might like it since you're living out on a farm now cause its country related!!

  4. Good Luck with the exams Ellie!!!
    The present looks great, love the card, love the wrapping, love the ribbon!
    I'm sure your Mum is going to just love that scarf.

    Hugs - Jodie


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