Wednesday, August 11, 2010

These boots are made for walking...

Yesterday I got a special package in the mail!! I love mail, especially when its something as exciting as my new RM Williams boots for christmas!! Ah I love them, they are made of Kangaroo leather in a lovely tan brown and have that gorgeous new leathery smell!!
Here they are sitting pretty in their box...

I ordered them through work thinking that they'd take a while to get here but they showed up so fast (in a couple of days!). Now all I have to do is wait for Christmas to get them! I don't know if I can hold on that long though, these gorgeous boots are made to be strutted around town! lol

I'll see if I can last a week without taking them home! :o) Have you started to get Christmas presents or ideas together? It's coming up so fast hey!?!?

Tonight I'll be uploading pics of my latest crochet project... stay tuned!

Ellie x


  1. they are lovely! i wonder if i can try and swindle a pair for christmas too!

  2. Yes, get some!! They are soooo nice Krystal!! I can't wait to take them out for a night on the town! lol
    Thanks for following my blog! I just stopped by your blog, its very cute! Hopefully you're enjoying farm-life, my boyfriend is originally from Sydney too and is getting used to our "farmish" lifestyle when we visit my family farm too!


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