Thursday, August 12, 2010

Madeit dot com

I have been sooo into handmade lately and what better place to find gorgeous handmade stuff than at the online handmade market Madeit!?

If you haven't ever checked out Madeit before and you're into handmade stuff or just gorgeous products for you, the kids and around the home, then I suggest getting on there and sussing it out! A lot of bloggers and crafty people sell their stuff through this site cause it makes it sooo easy to browse and purchase! I LOVE it.

Since I'm raving about it, I thought I'd post some "madeit" finds that I've been checking out lately...

(Rejenerate vintage purse)

(My Button Tin hair pins)

(Apple Fresh ear rings)

(One Craftee Mumma Tea box design cards)

Hop on and have a browse, you wont be disappointed! You may even end up buying something!

Ellie x


  1. Hi Ellie
    What a lovely suprise! I just came across your blog whilst checking out the participants of the Calico and Co Birthday swap and you have featured my cards! You have made my day!
    I am now following your little blog!
    Have a great day!
    Tamara - One Craftee Mumma!

  2. Hey Tamara,
    Are you doing the swap too?! How cool! It's my first one, can't wait to whip something up! I was on last night and came across your stuff, I love it all! I'm glad you posted your blog address, I'll headover there now and check it out!
    So glad you like my blog! Thanks for following!
    Ellie x

  3. Hey Ellie!

    Yep I am doing the swap too! I received my parcel from the Calico & Co Stationery Swap! Looking forward to this one!

    Take Care!

    Tamara x


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