Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Slouchy Red Beret...

So, after my post the other day about starting the "Puff Stitch Beret" I sat down on that glorious sunday arvo at home with Rog to get stuck into it to realise that I was having some difficulty with the pattern and wasn't happy with how it was turning out.
Instead of throwing my yarn across the room cranky with myself that I couldn't make the gorgeous pattern I went straight to Ravelry to find a new pattern because I LOVE the red yarn that I bought and really wanted to make a beret out of it.

Luckily for me, Ravelry came through (as always!) with a number of great projects and I found this one. Its a very simple pattern but still looks pretty effective when its done. I'm pleased with the result, it's a little slouchier than I had imagined but I'm still liking how it looks.

What do you think of it???
For the flower I used another pattern that I downloaded by Jane Dominguez and her website can be found here.
I'm hoping that after getting some advice and help from Jodie in crochet class I might be able to use the Puff Stitch pattern for another project!
Now I have NO idea what project I'm going to move onto next! I need to work out what I'm going to make for the Calico and Co craft swap, maybe a washer and some other bits and pieces?? I should be assigned my partner soon that way I'll get to learn a bit about them and gague what they may be into!
Until my next post...
Take care,
Ellie x


  1. I want one soooooo much!
    It looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks Sarah!!! Thanks for following and stopping by!
    Ellie x

  3. No problems.
    Do you do orders for your crochet work?

  4. Yeah I can for sure. If there is something you have in mind or if you see something I've done that you like (like the beret above) I can definitely make you one!

  5. That's awesome!
    Should I email you or do you have an etsy account?

  6. I don't have an etsy account, so email would be just fine!
    My email is


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