Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long time no chat!!

Hey Blogland, how are you?? It feels like forever since I've posted and I thought it was time to get online and give you all some updates!

I'm currently in Wagga at uni doing some on-campus practical lab work for my Equine Science degree. I had an exam this morning (eeep!!) and for the last 3 days I've been learning all sorts of glorious stuff about horses anatomy and physiology!

I only JUST worked out how to connect my laptop to the Internet (thanks to my friend's lovely housemate Emma!!) so I have just enough time in between more uni study to post you some updates.

Now, I said last week that I would post piccies of what I was sending my swap partner in the Calico and Co craft swap. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten!!

Here are some piccies of what I'll be sending off in the post tomorrow:

I used a pattern by Theresa Grant who I found on Ravelry for the yummy washers. They were sooo quick and easy to whip up and look super effective when folded together and tied with a pretty bow! The only thing I didn't include in the pattern was the backwards single crochet edging. I thought it would look nice but the size I made in the washers was large enough I didn't think it really needing the extra edging.

I used Cascades cotton rich from Jellywares. I LOVE the minty greeny colour, its sooo pretty. I thought I should make 2 washers and the minty colour went nicely with a plain white.

For a little something extra I threw in a yummy block of handmade goats milk soap that I purchased from a new store in town that stocks all of that Australian made produce stuff. Its a really nice soap, I have some of my own!!

I've got a super cute card to send with it and all I have to do is wrap it up, send it to the post and this little package is bound for South Australia!! I can't wait to see what I get in the swap from my partner (whoever they are?!?!)
In other news, my knitted shrug is coming along nicely, it's definitely a slow process but I think its going to be a rewarding one when its all done. I LOVE the purple colour, it looks so nice and is definitely something that I will wear! Can't wait to show you some more pics when I get a bit further with it! Here is the link to the pattern, if you're interested you'll be able to see what it will look like when it's all done!
But for now I have to hit the study books unfortunately :o(
It's been nice catching up, I hope the weather is nice where you are. Another post to come soon!
Ellie x


  1. Thank you again so much Ellie, I adore my gifts. I just posted about my gorgeous gifts. :)

  2. Thanks Cat, so glad you love them!


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