Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spring Washer Swap...

I have FINALLY finished getting my act together and putting the finishing touches on my secret partners washer pressie for the Jellywares spring washer swap!

After my last post (working on the other washer pattern) I decided to unravel my work and start again, and again and again and again! For some reason I just couldn't get this pattern working for me and it wasn't looking how I wanted it to! So after many many attempts, I unravelled it and started on a new pattern.

The new pattern is called the "Tulip stitch washcloth" and I love the way it looks. After working on it for a while I realised mine wasn't looking the same as some of the other washers made with this pattern were looking! So unintentionally I have modified this pattern! lol I still LOVE it! I was sooo tempted to keep it for my own but I knew it would look super pretty all wrapped up and sent off in the post for the swap.

I was getting worried because I only had a very small amount of yarn to use and this pattern was chewing up the yarn pretty quickly! I managed to make the washer into a decent size, its bigger than a 5 inch washer, but is still a "small-ish" washer (smaller than other washers that I've made before.)

I think it'll still do the job! I hope my swap partner loves it as much as I do! Its soooo soft, I love the cotton. It's made of some hand spun cotton from Jodie's shop and she has completely sold out of it all!! (Damn!) It's so beautiful!

Also on the list of credentials to be sent with the washer was some handmade soap and a packet of seeds for the garden! I couldn't resist and sent 2 blocks of handmade soap! I love handmade soap, I sent my swap partner some herbal lemongrass and ginseng soap (smells de-lish! I couldn't help myself and had to buy it!) and a yummy block of Tasmanian olive oil soap (Lemon myrtle, manuka honey and tea tree)! Mmmm!

I also chose to send some tomato seeds! I planted some tomato seedlings on the weekend, they're perfect for spring!
In other news...

Roger and I are off to Mudgee this weekend! I am sooo excited! I love Mudgee! It's Roger's birthday on Sunday and we're meeting up with some friends for a weekend of wine "tour-ing" and eating scrumptious food and enjoying being out of town for a while!

Ah, I just can't wait! I'll be taking my trusted camera with me to take some snaps of the gorgeous Mudgee region. I'll definitely post some when we get home!!

Until then,
Ellie x


  1. Your swap gifts are always so gorgeous! The washer looks great!

  2. Aww thanks Tamara!
    I'm really loving swaps at the moment!! :o)

  3. Your washer looks great Ellie!!!

    Love the soap's too, just gorgeous..

    Jodie :)


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