Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yummy Yarns...

Today I made a quick stop down town on my lunch break to Jellywares to purchase some more beautiful yarns to start a new project that I'm really excited about!!

The project is called the "Wool Eater" By Sarah London and you can find the tutorial here.

I LOVE this pattern and I plan on making a smaller version as a centre piece for our dining table. I'm going to be using these yummy yarns...

I love the fresh green paired with the creamy white. It's going to look great! I can't wait to get it started and to share pictures with you! More to come soon!!!

Ellie x


  1. those yarns will work a treat for sarahs pattern, crisp and cool.
    the green reminds me of pistachios.

  2. I'm hoping they'll turn out nicely! I love the green colour, its nice and fresh looking, perfect for spring! :o)


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