Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh Mudgee!!

This afternoon Roger and I got back from our quick roadie weekend away in Mudgee! We had such an amazing time, every time we visit Mudgee I love it even more and more!

Today is also Rogers birthday (Happy birthday Rog! Love ya!), so we had an awesome weekend with this in mind. We gorged ourselves with some close friends on Lebanese and Indian food, bought (and drunk!) LOADS of wine on our wine tour on Saturday arvo and spent the morning on Saturday tasting all of the yummy produce and home-made food/preserves from local farmers at the Farmers Markets!!
I'm such a sucker for yummy "boutique-y" food stuffs so I couldn't help myself when we got to the farmers markets. Oh, the food and the produce was to die for!! I bought macaroons and hand-made chocolate as well as wine infused cooking jellies and delicious basil pesto! I'm salivating just thinking about all of the glorious stuff we bought home!

Not only did we stock up on the beautiful wines of Mudgee, we stopped by the Mudgee Brewery on the last leg of our wine tour and tried and tested a few Mudgee beers!

(Roger at the Brewery)

I can't rave about Mudgee enough and can't wait for our next trip! There's just so many beautiful places to eat and drink, lots of touristy stuff to see and do and its not a hectic city, its still country and casual enough to cruise around in! Its perfect for a weekend away with a partner or with a bunch of girlfriends or even with family!

Crafty news to come in my next post.
Until then,
Ellie x

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