Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today I'm....

Spending time with my mum! Today Mum hosted a "pamper party" with a great company called "Arbonne" who sells gorgeous face cleansers, make up and body scrubs! All of the stuff we got to try and test on our hands and faces smelt sooo good and made my skin feel like silk! Mmmm pampering is sooo nice!

Today I'm....
Planting more Veggies!!! Yep, I've got the green thumb veggie gardening bug and I've planted more veggies! This time round I planted some basil (Rogers favourite and a request by him!), tomatoes, zucchini's, pumpkin and cucumber! I LOVE veggie gardening and as I practise more and more by trying and testing seeds and seedlings and things I feel that I'm getting the best out of our veggie patches. After planting our first patch earlier in the year I learned that I needed to plant more of certain things, like rocket and baby spinach that Roger and I use A LOT.

Gardening is so much fun and I really enjoy spending the time outside in the fresh air and the warm spring sun rather than being cooped up inside watching mindless TV!

Today I'm....
Working on a new washer pattern. I'm attempting to take on a new washer pattern that I got off Jodie at crochet class and I'm hoping to get this washer done for the Jellywares wash cloth swap, due to be sent on Wednesday!! I LOVE making washers, every time I start a new one Roger says "Another washer???", like we have a bunch already! I just love making them and using handmade washers in my house. I think they look so cute folded nicely sitting in my bathroom.

This particular pattern seems to be getting the best of me however. I haven't crocheted for about a week or two as I've been working on the knitted shrug so maybe I'm a little out of practise!! lol I'm using some gorgeous hand spun cotton from Jellywares. I love the blend of two colours, a pretty green and white.

Today I'm...

Making Spaghetti Bolognaise for dinner. YUM! I love "spag bowl", its so easy to whip up and can be super tasty. Every time I make it it tastes different. I don't know why? I use all of the same ingredients but somehow it tastes slightly different. Tomorrow I'll post my recipe for spag bowl so you can get an idea of what I do for the family favourite!

What have you been doing today? Sundays are always great, except the fact that I'm back to work tomorrow! I wish the weekends were longer! Don't you??

Ellie x

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