Friday, October 1, 2010

A day at the sale....

Today I spent the day working at a stud cattle sale for Rockingham Santa Gertrudis breeders.

Part of working for my parents at our family Real-Estate, Stock and Station Agency means I get to go to many of these sorts of sales which I really enjoy!

(Top - Dad working hard in the pens. Bottom - My Pop observing the sale, I love this shot!)

Today was a great day out buying and selling heifers and bulls. Some of my familes heifers were also up for sale in the commercial heifers section and we were all really pleased with their results!

(Rockingham Bull)
I love getting out of the office every now and then and working along side my Mum and Dad, sales like these can be hard work and a lot of organising leading up to them, but at the end of the day they are rewarding and a cold beer never goes astray! lol

(On the drive home we were greeted by a beautiful sunset over the hills. I just had to steal some snap shots!)

Now, after a hard week at work I am going to be getting into some crafty projects this LONG weekend! (Woo Hoo!) I'm really hanging out to resotre a small piece of furniture that I purchased from a clearing sale for a bargain $5!

More to come on that this weekend! I hope your plans for the long weekend make you smile!

Until my next post,
Ellie x

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  1. lovely portraits of your dad and pop - you can really see the character of their livlihoods with the settings.

    It's also great to see a bit of your rural life in these shots - the otherside of the coin so to speak.

    Enjoy your weekend reno :)


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