Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spoiling myself...

Tonight, whilst Rog is out having a few beers with a good friend (who drove the 4.5 hour drive to our town to pop in for a surprise visit this afternoon!!), I'm sitting at home snuggled up on the couch and spoiling myself!!
I've done a bit over an hour or so of uni study and thought as a nice break from the books I'd sit down and relax a little with some of my favourite things!!

After another wonderful afternoon crocheting/knitting with my good friends Miss Hayley and Jodie down at Jellywares, I've got another burst of energy to tackle some of my on-going projects! So this afternoon I've been working on my knitted shrug (which is still coming along.... I finally got a hold of some more yarn and can continue the long knitting/purling combo pattern) and I've made some progress on Rogers headband and he's looking pleased with the progress! :o)

Along with working on current projects, I've purchased (yet again... I know, I'm a bit of a yarn ADDICT!! lol) some more yarn to start a NEW knitted scarf project! I'm so excited about it. I purchased a funky new knitting pattern book ("Pints and Purls... Portable Projects for the Social Knitter") which has some AWESOME projects in it, including the new one I'm hoping to tackle in the coming weeks.

I'm going to be using the gorgeously soft Cascades Ultra Pima cotton. It's super silky with a nice shine to it. I'm loving the colour (its a little hard to tell in the piccies the exact colour but I'll tell you now, it is yummo!!)

The pattern is called the "Ruff Neck Warmer" and is super cute (as you can see in the piccy above!) It's going to be perfect for next winter (or this spring if the weather keeps up the way it has been going the last few days! Brrrr!)

As well as purchasing all of these goodies, I also managed to get my hands on 2 jars of Jodie's beautiful Quang Dong Jam! I missed out on purchasing some from her last batch and swore that I wouldn't miss out this time round! Mmmm, it is delicious!

Lastly, to top off the night, I've purchased the latest editions of my two fave mags, "Donna Hay" and "Notebook". Sadly, this issue of Notebook Magazine is it last :o( I'm devastated to see such a gorgeous magazine (that tailors exactly to my tastes) has ceased publication due to high costs. I only wish I started to read the magazine earlier! Now I'm on the hunt for back issues! If anyone knows where I can get some, please drop me a line!!!

I hope that wherever you are tonight you are getting some "spoil yourself time" as well!
Happy Weekend!
Ellie x


  1. It sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend so far. Your cotton purchase is beautiful. The colour will look great when it's knitted up into the neck warmer. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo

  2. sounds like my idea of a perfect saturday :) and pints and purls sounds like my kind of book.

    i am gutted about notebook too and i had only recently subscribed...if you find something else to "fill the void" let me know. now i am down to real living and country style.

    have a lovely sunday, hope the weather is kind to you up there xo

  3. Love Classes with you Ellie! I just found a cute mushroom bag to make, I'll get a copy for you! GOOD LUCK with your exmas... it is all worth it!
    Hopefully it rains and i'll see you Saturday...

  4. Hayley you are too cheeky!!!!

    I always have a ball with you girls on a Saturday arvo, a great way to finish off my week!!!

    Good luck with the new scarf, you will totally rock this colour when it's all finished and you get a chance to wear it..

    Jodie :)


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