Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food Frenzy!!

Every Wednesday in our office is morning tea day. We have a roster and each week it's a new person's turn to make morning tea for the staff. This week it's my turn and I thought in stead of making a last minute dash to the supermarket for some pre-made sweets and things I would get organised and whip up some delicious snack for everyone!
Firstly I made good old yummy egg and lettuce sandwiches! But these aren't just any old egg and lettuce sandwiches, they're made from mum and dad's clucky chickens eggs and topped with mine and Roger's homegrown rocket!!

Mmmm, eggy goodness! I only wish that I had borrowed mum's bread maker to make my own loaf of bread for these babies!! Maybe next time...

Next, (by special request!!) I made my mum's SUPER perfect and extra delicious Zucchini Slice recipe! I made this last week as my first attempt at mum's favourite and Roger LOVED it! He pretty much ate the entire batch on his own (except for a piece or two that I ate!!)

This recipe is a hit and sooo quick and easy, if you're interested I may just post the recipe for you to try!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe with me Mum!! xx

And lastly, for something sweet, I tried a new recipe from here for the very sweet and yummy Chocolate Caramel Brownies!! Now these aren't for the faint of heart.... these are great for the heavy sweet tooth! Packed with sugary-ness they are just right for something sweet!

They're still warm in the pan I couldn't even wait for them to cool to show you just how scrumptious they are!

Squished into the mixture are squares of caramello chocolate so when you take a bite there are nice caramello surprises bursting with caramel.... MMMMM!!

I hope the girls down at work enjoy these goodies!!


  1. The brownies look gorgeous! I hope the people at your office enjoyed it all!

  2. Thanks Charles, the girls loved all of the goodies!!


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