Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miss E's Wool-Eater... FINISHED!

This afternoon I finished the wool-eater pattern that I have been working on. I'm soooo pleased with how it turned out and I've already purchased some more yarn ready to make another one!

Thanks to Jodie who thankfully got me out of a pickle when I made a bit of a mistake in the pattern helped to save this little project!!

My next wool-eater I'm sure will turn out even better than this one (now that I've worked out my mistakes! lol).

I'd definitely recommend this pattern!

It's cooling down here at home now that the sun is slowly setting on what was a beautiful Sunday, I am about to hit the uni study books (in preparation for another set of exams in 2 weeks!!)

I've also FINALLY started on Roger's knitted headband!! Hoorah!

Ever since I started crochet classes and got back into some crafty goodness I've been promising Rog that I'd make him something so I thought I'd better get a wriggle on a start a little something for him! I'll upload some more pics when I have a bit more of the body of the headband done (currently its only 2 rows of knitted ribbing on my needles!! lol)

Happy Sunday! Ellie x

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