Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All things knitty...

Hello there! I'm back in Blogland and thank goodness! I finally finished my exams for uni (the last one was today and I'm actually very pleased with how it all turned out!)
I'm so happy to be back blogging and crafting, even though my break was short I still missed knitting and crocheting (and was naughty and still squeezed some crafty time in between study! hehe)
Lately I've caught the knitting bug!! Since learning not too long ago I've been trying to learn a few new knitting skills here and there and in stead of being too scared to tackle projects on my own I have been very brave and have started some new knitted goodies!!

I've got so much on the go at the moment that I think I really need to start finishing some projects, but I'm just sooo inspired to start new things at the moment, I love it!!

My newest knitted project (started today) are some super cute winter garter mittens. Now, I know it isn't cold anymore but I thought that these little pretties would be good practice for me and will look awesome for next winter!!

How awesome does this yarn colour look?! I'm in LOVE with it. It's another of the gorgeous Cascades 12 ply in "Irene's fury" colourway. I think it looks great all knitted up!

For the pattern I'm using Jodie's garter mittens project to follow from Ravelry and she did some modifications on the original pattern by Ysolda Teague, you can find the pattern on Rav here.

Also currently in the workings is the "Ruff Neck Warmer" scarf that I mentioned in an earlier post from the pattern book "Pints & Purls". It's turning out soooo beautiful and I am in love with it already!

So far its just continuous rows of stockinette stitch (purling/knitting) so its fairly easy. The yarn I'm using is just too gorgeous to work with! It is quite slippery but just enough that it slides right off the needles and makes the 200 stitch repetition go pretty quickly.

More to come on these two projects! Can't wait to show you how they both turn out! What have you been crafting lately?

Ellie x


  1. And two more lovely projects! You're a busy girl! I have to admit, I've never had two projects on needles at once....I'm coo coo!

    Link these lovely pieces up to my next Fibers on Friday! Thanks for playing along!

  2. Thanks Beth, I am a bit crazy having a few projects on the go!! I'm just so in love with crafting at the moment that I can't stop seeing new goodies on ravelry to make!!

    I'll link up again next friday for sure! Thanks! :o)


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