Sunday, October 31, 2010

Garter mittens...

Not too long ago I posted about one of my latest knitting projects the "Garter mittens". I've finally finished (one) of the gloves and thought I'd show you how they turned out.

This had to be one of the easiest projects that I've ever done. All it took was casting on 25 stitches, knitting for 18 rows and then sewing up the sides (leaving a space for the thumb hole) and then they're done! What a sinch!!

The mittens turned out longer than I had anticipated so next time I think I will cast on only 20 or so stitches rather than 25 to make them a bit shorter up my wrist.

A very easy and quick knitting project, perfect for beginners. They're not my favourite project I've ever made but they were a great way to learn how to cast on and cast off on my own and will be very useful next winter!

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  1. They are lovely --- was it an " aran" type wool as rthey look so lovely and cosy
    Lovely to pop into your blog
    Kindest Regards Linda


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