Monday, November 1, 2010

Thinking... Thinking...

Lately I have been thinking...

Since I've learnt to crochet, knit (and now... slowly learning) sewing this year, I've been looking into creating my own Made-it shop!

I LOVE and since I've been crafting lots of things for myself, I thought maybe I should start making some things for other people and start selling them via Made-it!

What do you all think??

Of course I will start small (I've only got a few things to list so far!!) But I'd love to hear what you all thought!! Do you have your own online store? Do you use Made-it or some other online shopping site??
Feedback would be great! :o)

Hmmm... something to consider!!


  1. you so should do it! I use both Made It and Etsy and have had a great response from both! I think your crochet washers would be a hit and you need to whip up some of those gorgeous little zippered pouches! You'll never know until you do it!

  2. Thanks Tamara! You're definitely right about not knowing until I do it!!
    I'm very keen, just maybe need to whip up a few more goodies to post on there before I open the store! I'm hoping to do a few more purses, I love them!!

  3. Go for it! It is an amazing feeling when a complete stranger likes your hand made goodies, enough to buy them.
    Have fun, and if you can, have a variety of things for sale.


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