Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photography fun...

Before I was working as a Property Manager and an Equine Science student I was studying photography... Sometimes when I play around with my camera I wish I had finished my degree in stead of changing my mind (as I constantly do over and over!)

I don't really think its a regret for not sticking with it because I don't like to think that I have any real regrets because things so far have worked out the way I think they were suppose to, but every now and then I like to prance around my house pretending that I learnt something from my short time studying photography and I take piccies of anything I think may be interesting or pretty... Some times the pictures turn out nicely, other times they turn out blurry or looking silly but I enjoy it none the less.

Tonight I thought I'd have a play around with my trusty camera and made a few edits that I thought I'd share....


  1. I really love the focus on the HOME sign. I love how "with love" is perfectly focused. Very nice. And you take nice pics of your knitting projects, too. I'm seriously lacking in that department.


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