Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Luna Cotton Table Runner WIP

This week is a BUSY week!! How has yours been so far?

Over the weekend I didnt do a great deal of crafting (except for somehow stuffing up pretty badly on my "Pretty Knitted Neck Warmer" whilst trying to add a few rows!! Arghhh! I am in desperate need of fixing this project and hope to get some serious knitting expertise from Jodie as soon as I can!!!) I also made my first ever skirt in sewing class!! I will be posting about this soon (when I can get a decent pic of myself wearing it!! LOL)

I have managed however to start a new crochet project, the Luna Cotton Table Runner. I am in LOVE with the purple colour of this table runner and how quickly the pattern takes shape. (The colour doesnt photograph so well as its very gloomy and rainy outside and the lighting in my house is a little dim but hopefully you get the idea!!)

It's still a work in progress and wiull grow a lot bigger but I am loving how its turning out. I think I might give this one away as I haven't really got anywhere in my house to put it at this stage, but it could make a nice addition to someone's Chrissie present!!

In other news this week, I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow for my first ever trip there!! I'll be down there for about 4-5 days at "Equitana", a really big horse show where I'll be doing some volunteer work! Should be lots of fun and pretty hectic, hopefully I can get some shopping done with Mum (whose traveling down with me.. Dad too!) Can't wait to get some retail therapy done, it has been a while (other than online shopping of course!! The perks of living in the country *wink*)

So I apologise in advance for being a bit absent over the next few days in Blogland! I will definitely be posting when I get home and may even have some piccies from the big smoke!!

Until then, take care and have a great week! :o)

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  1. Very lovely. I did one of these recently too.


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