Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sorting my stash!!

This year in May I started to learn how to crochet and ever since then I've has a BIG obsession with yarn! I've only been purchasing from local lady Jodie from her new shop Jellywares in town. You would have read me talking about Jellywares a bit as this is where I take crochet/knitting classes and now sewing/dress-making classes!
Jodie stocks the most beautiful yarns and every time I venture into her shop (each week) I always find something gorgeous that I want to buy. Last night I went sifting through my ever growing stash to see what I have accumulated. Boy I was surprised! I haven't got too much, but I've definitely got a bit saved up!

I'm thinking that it might be a good idea for my next project to start trying to use up some left over yarns.

It was nice to go back through my stash and remember what I made with the left over balls of wool/cotton. Like finding my first ever ball of yarn that I purchased for my first proper project!!

It's a gorgeous ball of Nundle's chunky 20ply. It was so cool to work with, and worked up so quick for my first project. As you can tell by the photo I was pretty chuffed when it was finished!!!

I still haven't found a decent place to keep all of my yarn. I'm in desperate need to purchase a big box to keep them all in. At the moment they're all living squished into a brown paper bag! How sad!!! lol

In other news... Happy Melbourne Cup!!! Did you back the winner?? I didn't, but I did back the third place getter winning myself $21!! Roger also won in his work sweep so we ended up pretty lucky today!!

I hope you're day was also a lucky one!!
I'm off to help Rog with the yummy Indian dish that he is cooking us for dinner and then possibly attempt making my second zippered purse. This time I'm winging it on my own with just the written instructions!! Hopefully I don't get too stuck!!


  1. You've done lovely work Ellie. Crocheting is so relaxing and you end up with something nice for it all! Big plastic bins work great for storage.

  2. Your hat looks beautiful, and how lucky that you live right near Jodie to visit her gorgeous shop!


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