Friday, November 12, 2010

I heart handmade...

Tonight Rog and I are spending the night in. Spending it doing the stuff that we enjoy - relaxing, chilling out and enjoying the fact the neither of us have to work tomorrow. Don't you just love that feeling?! I do! Knowing that tomorrow I can sleep in as long as I want with no stinky alarm waking me up for my work routine!

I've spent this afternoon having some dip and biccies (and a few glasses of wine *wink*) with my good friend Jen chatting about work, uni and life.
Now I am home listening to Rog yell things at the TV screen as he plays his Xbox Fifa soccer game (hehe I love how excited he gets about silly Xbox games! lol) whilst I have an urge to blog!!

On my Internet travels, I find myself back at Madeit checking out all of the handmade goodness that the site has to offer. I thought I'd share with you some pretty handmade finds that I have been admiring tonight!!

1. Button Cluster Necklace by Shagpile

2. English Rose Cushion by Emma Kate's

3. Rose Dress by Three Little Ducks

4. Carrie Bradshaw Coffee Sleeve by Tutu's and Muddy Shoe's

Find more handmade goodness here.

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  1. Love the button cluster necklace! Lovely choices :)

    - Krystal xo


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