Thursday, November 4, 2010

My creative space - This little piggy...

This week I decided to attempt to make my second zippered purse on my own!!!

I was armed with my Mum's sewing machine, another little sewing kit with fabric and buttons from Jellywares, a page of step-by-step instructions and lots of enthusiasm!

I had some stumbles along the way but I managed to finish my second purse and I'm pretty chuffed with the results!!

I love the little piggy fabric! It looks rustic and cute! The matching vintage buttons really set this little purse off!!

This really was a fun project, and I good one to try on my own with not too many spots where I could mess up. Although I did make a few mistakes (lucky they're not too obvious!! lol)

Later this week I'm going to continue working on my knitted neck warmer scarf and another new sewing project on Saturday!

Can't wait to share it with you all!!


  1. Yay for zippered pouches! well done.

  2. Hi Ellie
    they turned out very cute!!!
    You should do a stall at the markets with all your little goodies...
    Nara :)


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