Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to being motivated

This week marked my first week back at uni for my FINAL year! (Cheering!!)

I also find that when I get back Wagga for uni I always get that little bit more motivated to kick start my fitness regime. In my sleepy home-town there are limited fitness classes and the gym is pretty dismal so it is SO refreshing being able to attend several fitness classes a week which makes me feel strong, confident and motivated to continue to get in shape!

Currently I am doing classes five times a week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I do 'fit-ball' classes  and Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays I do 'Pilates'.

I had never taken a proper fitness class in either of these classes before this week and I am really loving it!

What is even better is that I found a gym that is running a two month promotion where I paid $20 for twenty classes!!!! THAT IS SO CHEAP! (Since each class usually costs around $10 per session!) I have two months to use up the twenty classes, but at this rate it wont take me long to get through them!

My muscles are sore and tight but it feels good knowing they are working!

I love feeling fit and healthy again, and I am hoping this boost of motivation sticks around for a while if not forever!!!!


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