Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Whoa, can I just put it out there and say:
Can time just slow the hell down please?!!!!

The last week and a half has flown by soooo freakin' fast I can't keep up and in true Ellie fashion I am starting to fall into a heap due to being poorly unorganised and over committed to too many things at once.

Dang it.

Last week was my first week of uni "holidays". I spent some time with my little sis while she visited, I took a quick trip to our farm with my Dad to check up on our cattle and cute calves and I spent the weekend catching up with my boyfriend over some quality time alone together in a near by city (which for us, alone time practically never happens!)

Some window shopping in Dubbo made me very keen to add a few things to my Christmas list!! Lol So cute Kardashian Kollection purses! Love!

Added this cute diamond necklace to the wish list whilst the BF was "boy" shopping! ;)

Some window shopping turned into actual shopping (Oops!) My new Kadashian Kollection handbag!

Purple Ugg BARGAIN! $10 from Cotton On Body! Too cute to leave in store ;)

The biggest bargain of the weekend trip was this tee from Myer, reduced to $7.50!!

This week I am a stress ball. I have so much homework to complete before I make the long drive back to uni on Sunday and I have so many things I want to do before then.

Today I am begrudgingly making my way through some heavy research for an essay that I have due on Monday, Boooo. 1500 words, double BOOOOO.

Anyhow, life must go on and I need a good kick up my own arse for leaving things a little late on the essay front. Any good essay tips anyone?! lol

How has your week been so far? I am slowly catching up with the social media world again, man does a lot happen via twitter/instagram in a week if you haven't been checking in! If you're not already hooked up in the twitter world, get on it! Find me on @misselle_tweets !!

Stay happy friends! xx



  1. Love the uggs! I bought some 3 years ago from Cotton On Body and wore them every day in winter and they are still in perfect condition - not bad for $20!

    1. Thanks MrsB! Fingers crossed mine last that long! Lol For ten bucks thats a pretty good lifespan!! Haha I love the bargains you can get at Cotton On Body!


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