Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Late for work.... again?!

Are you a morning person? Do you enjoy getting up early and greeting the sun as it wakes up?

Well, once upon a  time (when I was still a teen back in high school) I used to love getting up early, not "wasting the day" in bed, no sleep in's for me!

What has changed??

Now, I struggle to drag my sorry ass out of bed at 730am!! Often I get to work looking like I literally crawled out of bed, into my car and to my desk with no evidence of making myself look "decent" for the day ahead. Its starting to annoy me how little an attempt I've been putting into my morning rituals of getting ready for work.

Does this happen with age? Is it because I'm getting older? Or is it just pure laziness?

I'm thinking it might be the latter! So I've decided to start thinking of ideas for my "New Year Resolutions" and this is on the top of my list....
It's time for a change, starting with this! No more looking scruffy and dishevelled at work, uni or anywhere (in public that is... I still love my nights in my pj's on the couch watching One Tree Hill re-runs! Aint no body going to tell me to look flashy for that! hehe)

More New Year Resolutions to come. Have you started thinking of any yet?


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