Thursday, December 22, 2011

This week so far...

We're on the countdown folks!

 The countdown until I don't have to come to work in the morning (until the new year), until we can drink and eat festively (and become festively plump!!), until I can kick back on the beach in the sun AND the mighty countdown until Christmas!!!

This week for me feels like it has been dragging on and on and onnnn!

Its only Thursday, I mean what the?!

Anyway, here's my week so far in pictures!!
What have you been up to this week?

Christmas lights

Just chilling

Christmas time Tan!!

New nails, teenage dream over barefoot Barcelona

Hopey's 18th bday with Brooke and Zoe


This week has seen me put up Chrissie lights at home on Sunday, kick back trying to relax before things start to get really hectic at home (we're having Christmas at my parents place with my aunt, uncle and their kids so we are all preparing for the big day!), I had a catch up with little "Tan" the calf who is still residing in the paddock behind our house (she is finally off hand bottled milk!! Woo hoo!), I gave myself a quickie fix up mani for a dinner last night and added some "sparklies" (I think they look festive!), I spent last night celebrating my friend Hope's 18th birthday (she's in the piccie with her 2 sisters Zoe and Brooke - they remind me of me and my sisters! Happy Birthday Hopey, finally legal!! hehe) and lastly Bazzie our Blue Heeler was feeling the love and tried to snuggle up in my lap at home and got snapped by the camera!

Ahh, still so much going on this week! Tonight we're having a "pre-Christmas" get together with my mums entire family as my aunt and uncle and their 4 kids have come to visit for a few days before Xmas, tomorrow night my little sister Jessie flies home for Christmas (YAY!) and then Saturday Santa comes and I'm off to "slip-and-slide" (yes I'm still young enough to do this lol) at a friends place for a Xmas Eve BBQ! Hopefully I can snap some embarrassing pics of the event! haha

Gotta love the holidays!!

Merry Christmas


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