Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year - I've been so slack, Sorry!!

Happy New Year Bloggy Friends!! I have been soooo slack over the last 11 days of the new year!

I have been vacay-ing in Sunny QLD for about 10 days and didn't take my laptop and apparently my IPhone doesn't like me to blog on it (I wish I could figure this out because this would make Blogging on the run so much easier!! If you know how drop me a comment pleaaase!)

Sunny coast!!

brinnie and kah

* My beautiful cousins Brinley and Kahlie (growing up way too fast!) *

Anyhow, the start of my year went very well. I spent the last 10 days lapping up the gorgeous weather on the Sunshine Coast at a gorgeous place called Mooloolaba. My whole family went as well as my Aunt, Uncle and their three kids and even my Nan (Mum's Mum) came along for the trip!!

beach time

* Beach time - Catching some sun rays! *

We were so blessed with good weather and perfect beach time, we couldn't have asked for a nicer time. Now I am back to work (currently at my desk.... straight back into reality for me!)

me and jack nye 2012

* Me and my little cousin Jack on New Years Eve bringing in 2012! *

I have so many exciting things planned for this year and so far the first few months of my year are filling up SO fast already!

For starters, its my birthday tomorrow!! I can't believe that it has been a whole year since my last birthday! I can remember writing this post on last years birthday and it feels like yesterday in a way. Boy have things changed since this day and I am happy to say that they have. I have come such a long way since this time and feel that I have grown into the best version of myself (maybe I could work on a few more things but I am definitely a very happy girl with everything in my life at the moment!!)

I'm hoping to kick my Blogging up a notch this year. I am heading back to uni this year and am going to be relocating to Wagga Wagga to study... BIG changes to my everyday life folks, but I am staying positive and excited about all of them!

More news to come about uni as it gets closer (late February!)

new hair do

* I got a new hair do on the coast!! Thanks "Elenbi Designs" *

I hope your new year has kicked off in an excellent fashion wherever you are!


  1. Happy new year Ellie! I love reading your blog! X

  2. Thanks Hayley! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family too!! Thanks for reading! xx


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