Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Does eBay work for you??

Late last year I decided to give online selling a go. I have an electric guitar that I am desperately wanting to get rid of and thought the best way to sell my little beauty would be to list it on the very popular online market - eBay of course!

Unfortunately after about FIVE re-lists and numerous price reductions I still couldn't sell my darn guitar!
And you're all probably thinking, "whatever... it's probably an old dusty piece of crap that no-body would have wanted anyway" but you would be wrong by saying this!!

My little electric guitar is in fact in great condition, with 1 x teeny tiny scratch on the front! Mint condition otherwise, I kid you not!

I tried everything to make the item look more appealing, I was willing to throw in everything I owned that was related to the guitar (e.g. an extra pack of strings, a case, a stand, a tuner, some picks etc etc) and still not one bite.

I'm beginning to wonder if eBay works at all? I mean, it must do! I've bought many things off eBay before and if it didn't work for anybody (not just me) I'm sure the site would have shut down by now. I know one thing for sure...

It isn't working for me!!!! :(

Does eBay work for you? Have you ever sold anything on eBay before? If so, how did you find the selling process? Was it difficult? Did you need to re-list a bunch of times and reduce your asking prices??

Or are there other online ways to sell items? I posted on my Facebook several times to entice local people and friends to bid or buy on my listed guitar but still I had no luck.

Fill me in on your experiences folks! I'm keen to learn and even give this whole eBay selling thing another crack!

Any tips or info would be appreciated!

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