Saturday, January 14, 2012

This week I'm grateful for...

This week I am grateful for

I have totally taken sleep for granted this week. After a few too many late nights (in a row) and I'm starting to feel my age (I'm newly 23! OMG! lol).

I will never ever again think that I wont run out of "beans" after too many nights of little sleep. I am currently sitting at my work desk (on a Saturday.... I know, working on a Saturday is lame!!)  and I'm dreaming of chugging a couple of Redbull's and plodding my way through the big day that I have planned thinking that I will forever be grateful for sleep!

A sleep in tomorrow sounds FABULOUS!!!!


Playing along with Maxabella over here. Join us!


  1. 23? How are you still alive? LOL! I wish my sleep deprivation was late-night induced... alas, it's kinda 'middle of the night' induced!

    Hope you get some early nights in this week and stay away from those evil red bulls!!! x

  2. Lol Thanks Maxabella! 23 is SO old right?!!! haha just kidding! I'll try my best to stay away from the Redbulls! Thanks for commenting!
    Ellie xo

  3. Oh dear, I cope quite well with late night sleep deprivation - it's the early morning kind that gets me in the end.

    Hope you got a sleep in!

  4. Oh Ellie, I feel your pain! Despite being insanely overtired, I still insist on staying up past midnight sewing ;) I hope you get a sleep in tomorrow morning xxx


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