Saturday, January 28, 2012

Once was a wise girl...

This week I am grateful for painkillers!

Yesterday I travelled with my mum to a city called Orange to have surgery. I'm no longer "wise" people! I had 4 wisdom teeth removed and am sooo thankful that I have trusty painkillers and a good old "Jaw ice-pack" to help me get through (thanks Jen for lending it to me - you are a champ!!)

So today (and probably for the next few days) I'll be lying around feeling my puffy cheeks, eating mushy foods (I've worked out that mash potato and gravy is a good, easy mush to swallow with out chewing lol) and sucking back on these good painkillers ever 2 hours!

What are you grateful for this week?
Check in and join us over at Maxabella's here.

Happy weekend people!


  1. Hi, popped in from Maxabell....You poor thing...painkiller and ice packs are wonderful...go with the drugs and let you body heal...why do we get wisdom teeth when most of us have to get them removed??

  2. I'm visiting from Maxabella - I hope you don't get too much bruising. Keep those icepacks on and rest up.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! I am pushing through the uncomforatble-ness and slowly feeling better each day!
    I'm hearing you Jen R, I have no idea why we get wisdom teeth, they are sooo pointless since everyone seems to get them removed! So glad I never have to go through this again! lol
    Ellie xo

  4. Ouch ouch OUCH! I hope you have made a full recovery by now, Ellie. The only wise thing about wisdom teeth is the decision to have them removed when they are painful! x


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