Thursday, January 13, 2011

22 Candles...

Yesterday I had a birthday and now I can officially say that I am 22!

Two ducks on the pond... 22!
I can't believe how fast my year as a young and sprightly 21 year old went! Seriously... so much has happened in just a year and it feels like yesterday when most of it happened and it was a whole year ago!!!
I was lucky and got spoilt and got many many beautiful birthday wishes that made me feel very special and very lucky to have great friends and family to make me smile!
We ate cake... this one to be exact!

Not quite 22 candles but one is enough!!
We spent time together as an extended family (me and some of my gorgeous cousins)...

We managed to take a picture together to document the event (which is a HUGE deal because Rog is usually trying extra hard to hide from the camera!!)...

And boy was it muggy last night!! We had a BBQ at my parents home and it was like sitting in a sauna! The weather all over the place I think is a little crazy and its currently trying hard to rain here but all we seem to be copping is the humidity!

Now I'm off on a girls weekend with my 3 best friends to spend some time together drinking cocktails, shopping, eating and laughing together! I'm so looking forward to continuing the birthday festivities with some of my closest friends!

How has your week been?! Is it humid where you are? Or flooded for that matter?!!

See you after the weekend, keep smiling!

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  1. A big Happy B'day to you Ellie!!!

    Have a fantastic trip away ith your girls...

    Great pic of you and Rog too by the way...

    Hugs - Jodie :)


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