Friday, January 21, 2011

Currently Reading... A Home Companion

When we were in New Zealand in December last year I stopped by your everyday bookstore to have a sticky. I LOVE books and have a terrible habit of buying lots and never getting around to reading them. This year I am determined to attack my bookshelf to start (and finish!!) reading the books that I never got around to reading!

Whilst in the bookstore I came across the book "A Home Companion... My year of living like my Grandmother" by Wendyl Nissen. Wendyl is a New Zealander and a great writer at that.

I don't know about you, but I love reading and hearing about alternate, organic methods of doing things and Wendyl is all about natural, new and different ways to make your life greener!

So far the book has documented the first few months of Wendyl's year of trying new "green" methods for making things around the home like organic pest spray, laundry liquid, beauty products and even sunscreen! At the end of each chapter she includes recipes for these things (also recipes for some foods too!)

I'm really liking this book! If you're not into reading a book and prefer to get stuff via the net you can visit her website here and you'll find all of her recipes on there too! Great huh!?

Are you reading anything at the moment? Any recommendations? I love a good book recommendation!

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