Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Amoungst the other busy things that I have been doing lately is this little project that I have been working on here and there when I can.

"The Claudia Scarf" by Rebecca Jackson.

claudia scarf4

claudia scarf

This pattern is so simple yet looks so effective, especially in the gorgeous Malabrigo sock yarn! I love the colours and the flecks and different shades of purples through it. Everytime I sit down and work on this pattern I'm excited to see what colour will work up next!

claudia scarf2

Once I got the hang of the pattern sequence it is smooth sailing for 85 rows and then another 85 along the other end! Its repetitive but one of those patterns that doesn't require too much concentration (I like to call them "TV patterns" because you can still glance up and watch your fav tv show whilst working on the scarf! lol)

claudia scarf5

claudia scarf3

This yarn is soooo soft and beautiful, its such a dream to work with and would reccommend it to anyone to use. I can't wait to see this little project all finisnhed and ready to be worn out and about. We've had a cool change in the weather here today and its getting me excited about winter and all of the yummy things a knitter and crocheter can make!!

See you soon



  1. I have had that pattern cued for ages, just could not find the right yarn for it. Wish I could get my hands on some Malabrigo, loving the colour changes

  2. Wow!!! that is pretty yarn....that will look great for winter!! :)

  3. The yarn is gorgeous Ellie! Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. This is lovely!!! These are just the kind of colours i love!!! ITs going to be great when its finished, good luck with it!

  5. very, very pretty both the yarn and the pattern!

  6. Hi Ellie,

    It's been awhile since I visited and I loved looking around on what you've been doing! That yarn looks yummy and I love the scarf pattern!

  7. The scarf is so gorgeous, I love the yarn XD


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