Monday, August 15, 2011

A quick message about a great cause...

Just taking a quick break from my posts about my Europe trip to help spread the word about a charity that my friend Anna is raising money for.

The charity is called Bravehearts which is an organisation that helps raise money and awareness about child abuse which I think we can all agree that child abuse is totally unacceptable in our society.

More information about the founder and goals of Bravehearts and their White Balloon Day can be found on their website here .


Some of the services of this great foundation include providing counselling, advocacy and support to victims of child sexual assault and their non-offending family members while educating the wider community and lobbying for change.

My friend Anna is generously choosing to raise awareness and funds for this foundation by completing a half marathon run at the Sydney Blackmores Running Festival later in September this year.

Her goal is to raise $5000 and she would appreciate donations of any kind from those willing to help!

You can donate towards this cause on Anna's fundraising link here.

I think this is such a great thing that you're doing Anna, I'm very proud of you and wish you all the best on your run!!!

I hope you can all get behind this amazing cause :o)


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