Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Race Day!!!!!

Hey bloggy friends, how has your weekend been? Mine has been fabulous!!

For starters, I managed to finish my Friday uni classes early so I could hit the road and start the 500km trek to my home town for my favourite day on the "social calendar" .... the Races!!!

I love the races and a great country race day, I've been going to our local races since we were young kids and my Dad has been one of the major sponsors of the day for as long as I can remember so we all make a big effort to get "dolled up" and hit the track.

This year was extra special however, I was coaxed by my sister and cousin to enter the "Fashions on the Field" ladies competition even though I was planning to stay kind of low key this year. We entered along with about 70 other dressy local ladies with our paddle-pop numbers in hand. It was a little intimidating staring into the sun waiting for the judges to scrutinize our outfits but it turns out that I must scrub up pretty nicely because I won!!!!

(My cousin Callie and Sister Kate as they dragged me into the comp!! lol)

I was so shocked and very surprised and feel SO lucky! I won 4 return tickets to fly to Sydney from my home town (which is quite a long drive and can be very pricey to fly!) I am stoked!!!!

The whole day turned out to be a great one, the weather was perfect (a little breezy but nice and sunny) and we had lots of friends and family around to celebrate such an awesome day out!

Today I am spending some quality time with my mum for Mothers Day before I hit the road once again to head back down South for uni.

(My Aunty, My Mum, Me and My Sister Kate - family love!!)

How has your weekend been? Have you spoilt your Mum yet?

Happy weekend friends, and happy Mothers day to all of the beautiful mothers out there! We couldn't be who we are without you!!!!



  1. Well done miss ELLIE on winning fashion of the field, you looked absolutley stunning :) Nothing beats being back at home :):)

    Bec Cain

    1. Thanks Bec!! I was very surprised because there were soooo many really well dressed ladies there on the day! But very happy with the result! :)


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