Monday, May 28, 2012


I've learnt a few things about my "early start experiment" last week.

Its mighty dark and pretty chilly at 6am.
On the first early morning rise I had to go back to sleep until 7am because I couldn't hack how early it was. (Shameful, yes.)

It feels like no one else in the world is awake at this hour, except for the trucks on the highway.

I finished an entire assignment by 830am on day 2. Pretty productive I would say.
I manage to catch all of my morning show TV time (I've recently become addicted to The Circle, anyone with me?) and still get ready to leave the house before class.

I've had to nap twice this week around 2pm. (Im not sure if its because I'm early-rising or because I have been diseased with another winter cold. cough.)

Having a nice warm cup of green tea in hand helps a lot.

The verdict; I think Im converted. After day one I was feeling a little sooky but once I embraced the idea and started getting more work done and feeling more motivated to get things done I really kind of enjoyed the early rising. The only thing I may change is letting myself sleep in on a sunday.... I mean, seriously, it's Sunday! 


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