Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fit for a King or Queen!!

I was rambling on a while ago about how you know when you've finally grown up. Well, if last weekends events didn't prove to me that I'm officially a "big girl now", then I don't know what will!!

One of my best girlfriends of all time is having a baby in July (possibly later this month if she goes early!!) and we threw her a baby shower fit for a little King or Queen (since we don't know what the little tacker is just yet!)

I've only ever been to a couple of baby showers before and mostly because they were friends of my Mum's and I tagged along and I may be biased but I have to say that this shower definitely took the cake for me!

Tegan is the most organised and driven girl I know! She knows what she likes and knows what she wants when it comes to a party and I love that! She is one hell of a party planner and kicked ass at organising her own baby shower!! Because my girlfriends and I live so far away from Tegs, we unfortunately couldn't do a great deal of prep before the party, so all of the funky decorations and ideas for food were all Tegan's doing and she killed it! (She even made the cute little clothes line deco on top of her party cake!)

I am even convinced that she should start doing party planning on the side because the place looked so cute, I loved it and so did all of her guests!!

Tegs looked stunning and in some photos you can't even tell that she is pregnant! Getting together to celebrate the impending birth of this baby made me reminisce a little about how much we have all been through as friends. We've been friends since early primary school and with out getting all soppy, it really made me proud to be apart of Teg's shower and to know that I will get to be apart of another gorgeous little life very soon!

Congrats Tegs! I can't wait to meet your little bub very very soon!!


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