Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It seems boring but it has been hectic!

I know I apologise ALL the time for being MIA from my blog and I'm going to have to say it again!

Life has been busy. My blog seems boring, but life has been hectic!

I kind of thought that once my uni holidays started I'd be kicking back and cruising through my holidays but no. I have been working my original full time job in real estate to earn some much needed moolah to go back to uni with and I've never felt more busy!

I have been spending time with family and friends and my bf and time has just flown by.

I'm hitting the road (or the skies to be more exact *wink*) this Friday for a mini vacay to visit my little sister in the Sunny state of QLD! I'm excited!

I'm hoping that I will have some more interesting bloggy feedback for you to get into!

On another note: I am always chilling and snapping everyday life on my Instagram account! Find me on @elliemaree12 !! Join in too, life in piccies is so much fun!

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