Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I hate goodbyes

My little sister dropped me off at the Townsville airport yesterday and started to cry when she had to say goodbye. This of course, set me off too. Tears were a'rollin' down my cheeks.

I hate goodbyes.

I hate that my family and I can't all live in the same post code and town where all of our dreams can come true and all of our ambitions can be met.

I hate that my little sister is a million miles away in another state, sometimes on a different time and definitely in different weather (it was warm and sunny up there just like Summer!!).

I phoned my mum once I checked my bags in at the airport and after I had a little cry to myself in the ladies toilets. I said to mum, "Life is so cruel". She said to me, "It's not always life that's cruel, we make our own decisions and thats why we cant all be together".

She has a point.

Sometimes I find myself blaming the universe or God or something else for sad things happening, friends moving away, sad goodbyes or bad karma but really is it our own fault? Is it just that we have made certain choices in our lives that make us sad and make our lives the way they are? I mean, if my little sister hadn't had moved away with her boyfriend for work and I hadn't moved away for university we would all still be together in the same small town, doing the same old things. But we wouldn't be achieving what we want out of life. I guess you must take the good with the bad.

Either way, I hate goodbyes and I miss my sister.

Come home Jess?? (I know you won't but it can't hurt to ask right?? Heheh) x


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