Friday, July 13, 2012

Celeb hair love

I had a visit to my hairdresser this week, nothing drastic - just the usual trim, re-dye and fix up the "balayage" look that I've got going on at the moment, and it got me thinking about hairstyles and what type of hair I want.

You see, I'm such a sucker when it comes to my hair. I'm the girl that loves every funky, cool style but is too scared to do anything!!!! For years I just had highlighted long, blonde hair. Every hairdresser visit would be the same, blonde foils in any type of blonde, but it had to be blonde and only a tiny snippet off the ends please!!!

Earlier this year as a birthday gift, my mum paid for me to get my hair dyed by a lovely hairdresser on the coast and I finally took the plunge and did something different and went a bit darker with the balayage look that I love.

Its been the same ever since.

I've been doing some research and here are some styles that I love and some ideas of what I would do if I wasn't chicken shit all the time:

1.  The longish bob. Ahhh I love this look! So cute and sleek but still kind of long enough to be worn up or differently and still sexy in the way long hair can be. Katy Perry does this look so well, even with blue hair! This girl can pull off any hair look, seriously. I love her!

2. The Ashlee Simpson; either way.
I love Ashlee's most recent hair styles, she takes big risks with her hair and these two are awesome! I wish I could pull off that red colour! OMG! And I love the cute cropped blonde do as well, I think her cute pixie kind-of-face carries this hair cut (not something I could pull off but I still love it all the same).

3. The Emma Stone. Another chick that can rock red or blonde, but her blonde is to "dye" for (hehe pun intended!) in these pics! I would LOVE to rock this colour blonde, oh and the cute bangs (side fringe)!!

My next hair appointment is in 8 weeks (6th September to be exact! lol) so maybe by then I'll have the guts to do something a little different?! I'm thinking that by that time the weather will be warming up and it'll be time to go a bit lighter and blonder again for summer! Ah, the possibilities!! :)

Catchya soon friends! x



  1. I am the same - always the same length, layered, dark brown/auburn shade. I have a hairdresser app in a few weeks and would love to try balayage - I desperately want to go lighter!

    1. I love balayage! I definitely recommend trying it! Since I was blonde all the time before its a nice change during winter to not have to worry about getting my roots done so frequently because with the balayage my roots are darker! Its a refreshing change :)
      Go for it! Post piccies if you get it done!!
      Ellie x


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