Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is it spring already??

I don't know about you but lately, (since I got back to the "almost city" in stead of the spending my days in "the bush" aka my home town!) I have noticed that more and more retail stores are flogging the idea that "Spring is on the horizon" or "Spring is just around the corner".

I'm sitting here in my woollie pjs and have the heater cranked thinking, what the hell? Am I in the wrong hemisphere right now or am I right when I say, it's freakin' winter ya'll!!!!!!

As much as when the stores try and get their next season fashions out like super dooper early ticks me off, I have to admit that I am the sucker that gets roped in and loves to buy that pretty, sleeveless blouse waaay before its time to show my bare arms again!

With this in mind, here are some trends that I am totally digging by Witchery right now. These guys are the number one culprits for the "Spring is on the horizon" campaign, but pftt if their stuff is this cute I'll keep browsing and dreaming of spending my pennies (one I save some *damn uni budget*) in their store!!

Neon is so cute right now! This year I have become very very obsessed with yellow! I have never in my life been able to wear yellow, or at least I thought I couldn't. I'm sure there are tonnes of girlies out there like me, and unfortunately due to my very fair and pale skin, sometimes when I wear yellow on my top half (as in close to my face) I look sick. And I don't mean "sick" in a good way. BUT, since new shades and tones of yellow have popped up, and more accessories are coming out everywhere, I can revel in this awesome colour too!! 

Loving these cute skinnies by Witchery!! Not sold on the leather tee though? I'd more likely wear a white shirt with this outfit like the model. Cute either way!

I also love this silk boyfriend tee. I have seen it in person and its beautiful. This is so me. I'd probably wear it with some skinny denim jeans (as I'm a bit of a sucker for jeans) but with this tube skirt could dress it up too! Love love.

Check all of these cuties out at witchery.com.au 

And just because i have been DYING to buy a new pair of TB's lately, here are some I've been craving but sadly can't afford right now:

These beauties are called Mansell and would look so sweet in Spring/Summer! Not completely sold on the white but if I had the dollars I'd buy them anyway! Hint of yellow again! Love them!

Okay enough shop dreaming, "Being Lara Bingle" is about to start on channel ten. Haha, (TV obsessed), my aunt thinks I need to get a life, I just think I am addicted.

Ciao peeps!



  1. I guess it's a bit like all the shops putting out Easter eggs as they pack up the Christmas stuff.
    It's super cool weather here too, maybe a top of 6 degrees.
    Love the look of both those Spring trends though.

    1. Oh my gosh Zara, only 6 degrees?!! That is freezing!! Its been getting to about 14 degrees and thereabouts here so I feel spoiled!! lol I'm loving the spring looks too! Bring on the sunshine!!
      Ellie xo


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