Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A hunk a hunk of blazer love!

Since I am currently trying not to spend my monies lately ("trying" being the operative word here!!!) I have been virtually shopping and window shopping in stead waiting to find something really really special before I lash out and buy an item! I think this way the more research I do, by the time I buy the item I'll know that I really love it and it wasn't just an impulse purchase!

This season I am totally digging blazers! They are so on trend, come in all shapes and colours and can make an outfit look so professional, classy, dressy yet casual if dressed down too! Every other winter I have been purchasing cardi's as my warm staples but I think these blazers kick my cardi's sweet little butts!!

Even my fav celeb's are rocking the blazers! Love the Dash girlies! Who doesn't? :)
(image source from here)

Here are a few cuties I found browsing online today:

1. Portmans crop blazer. LOVE this. Was so close to buying it the other day, but waited (I'm such a good girl! lol) It also comes in black. Cute for spring-ish weather I think.

2. Wish blazer from The Iconic. I love this entire look, love that white blouse too!

3. Portmans black blazer. I have a similar blazer to this one! black is the perfect colour to go with anything, like this outfit with cute peach skinnies! My friend has these and they are so cute!

And because I felt like brightening today up since this winter weather is pretty gloomy, I decided to wear my blue blazer to uni /town today! I love love love it! It's by Sheike (one of my all time fav stores!) 

Stay happy friends! x



  1. I'm totally with you on the blazers front! Love #3. x

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog!!
      Ellie xo

  2. While I love the blazers (I really like your blue one!)

    I LOVE your necklace!! I WANT!!


    1. Thanks Miss Megs! The necklace is from Sportsgirl, and I think it may still be available in stores and online!


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