Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Denim is my best friend

Besides my real life living and breathing best friends, I have to say in terms of my wardrobe, denim is by far my best friend!

I love denim, its my go-to staple and I would honestly say that I probably wear it too much but I love it and you can't mess with love! ;)

My latest denim purchase was this little beauty:

Purchased in store at Dotti  (can also be purchased online) for $79.95! I love it! It looks super cute with my Witchery coated black jeans which can be purchased here online and this gorgeous pastel spliced scarf from Sportsgirl.

I love how no matter the season, denim is always in style. This little jacket will do me well throughout the rest of winter and even into spring worn over cute sundresses like in the picture above.

Another denim trend that I am loving and have noticed is making a comeback in a big way is the denim shirt or  more commonly known as the chambray shirt. 

Dead set, I was in my mum's wardrobe a few weeks ago helping her sort out an outfit and she had an original one of these shirts hanging in there from the 90's!!! I told her definitely not to throw it out yet since its totally back in fashion! Its amazing what trends come back in style! 

I have my eye on these options for this cute trend! 

Studded collar chambray shirt from Sportsgirl

Washed chambray shirt from Dotti

Denim shirt from Cotton On

And the best thing about these chambray shirts is that they pretty much go with anything in your wardrobe! Teamed with skinny jeans, coloured jeans, black tights, shorts, over dresses, it works in every way! I love it!

What is your favourite way to wear denim? I'm still yet to find the perfect pair of denim shorts! If you know of some let me know! I am dying to find some before Summer!!

Catchya soon friends! :) x



  1. like your blog!
    keep posting and go for it!!


  2. I love that jacket. I don't wear a lot of denim, but I would love to find a perfect pair of shorts also - I always find they make me look stumpy!

  3. I agree, I always feel stumpy in denim shorts! :( I'll keep searching! lol


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