Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eating clean

This week I am feeling a little under the weather... AGAIN!!

I don't know what it is about this winter but this is the THIRD time I've been sick! Thats totally not normal right??

Anyway, despite feeling a little lousy and getting back into uni study, I am determined to stick to my "eating clean" plan as I mentioned here.

I tried a new recipe from the Clean and Lean book and it was delish!

I adapted the recipe a little according to what I could get at the supermarket and what I like etc (can you believe it that on a tuesday there were no spring onions in Woolies??! I mean I live in a decent sized city, this is something we get used to in the bush, not the city!)

Any-who, the recipe is called the Chicken and cashew stir fry and its a winner in my books.

Before I started cooking a lot I used to whip up quick stir fry's using frozen veg mix, some chicken thighs and chuck on a heap of Master-foods marinade for flavour because it was an easy meal and it was impossible to stuff it up! This recipe has no sauce or marinade as such in it but is so full of flavour it doesn't need it! I'd never go back to my old ways of making stir fry now that I've tried this.

Instead of shallots I just used half a brown onion and I added in green beans and only one chilli because I thought it would be quite spicy but I think it actually could have done with the extra chilli, I couldn't really taste a "hot" sensation, it was a good spice.

Clean and lean

I definitely recommend this! Drop me a comment if you want the full recipe!

Clean eating = yum!



  1. Ah, it looks so tastey!

    I know, Woolies is hopeless sometimes, I love when I go in and there is no bread, very helpful :|

    1. I know, I have no idea how these big chain grocery stores run out of stuff, especially bread?! What the?! lol


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