Friday, December 13, 2013

Bellabox trial

Have you heard of Bellabox?

If you haven't, I'm hear to tell you all about it ... well, from my experience anyway.

Bellabox (according to the gals who created the service) is '...the beauty sampling concept to revolutionize the way Australian's discover, trial and purchase beauty and lifestyle products.' 

The system works in a way that gals who love their beauty products and don't want to commit to purchasing 'the newest, best, fan-dangle' products on the market without really knowing whether they'll suit them or not, can trial them!

There is a price, however. ('Aint nothing comes for free in this day and age, am I right??)

It will cost you a neat $15 a month to subscribe to the service and each month you will receive a cutely packaged sample parcel in your post box with the latest and greatest products on the market in cute sample sizes.

A look at the November box design

I first heard of Bellabox through a lady I work with. She was super excited one day when the office editorial assistant brought her mail to her desk and with that mail was a little turquoise 'Bellabox'.

She squealed with excitement as she ripped into the box to find out what goodies were in store this month. My reaction was a little like ... 'Your bella-what has arrived?"

And so she preceded to tell me about the amazing-ness of the service. I got sucked in and wanted a piece of this pie too. I signed up and keenly waited for my postie to drop off my Bellabox too!

Most of the samples from the November box

The good stuff: It kind of feels like your birthday every month when you receive a nicely packaged parcel full of about six or so beauty products that you may, or may not want to try.

The samples are the perfect size for your gym bag/handbag/travel bag, and can double as gifts to people if you're not into the products (hello stocking stuffers!)

The other stuff: I decided after two months that I didn't really need to be paying an extra $15 a month on sample beauty products when I am kind of already set on my beauty regime. I mean, yes it is nice to try new stuff, but I only recently forked out over $300 on an entire new skin care line and have finally found a foundation that doesn't feel too oily and covers up my blots nicely.

However, if you are a beauty lover and can't help yourself when it comes to reading about the newest products in the latest Elle and you just have to try them, then this service may be perfect for you!

And, if you happen to fall madly in love with one of the samples, you can pop online to the Bellabox site and purchase said product. Easy peesy.

Have you tried this service before? Are you already a subscriber and lover? Tell me all about it!

E, x

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