Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A thought for the farmers

Although I am no longer living in rural NSW like I have been for the majority of my life, the stress and sadness of the current drought gripping rural Australia still affects me.

A lot of city-folk might not realise how bad things in the bush are right now and it's easy to forget how others live when we get caught up in our own day-to-day rituals.

My family are the owners of a property in far western NSW on the Darling River. (I've mentioned our property in many posts before - check the 'farm life' labels on the right hand side of my page if you're keen to see more!)

Dad's plane on the new airstrip on the property.

Lately my parents have been working overtime to de-stock (sell off extra numbers of cattle) because we just don't have the food or the water to keep them all.

This week my mum emailed me a picture of the thermometer under the veranda at the house on the farm and it was hitting a high temperature of 48'C!!!! And that was in the shade!

My dad was trying hard to move our small calves to another paddock where they would be able to find shade under some trees because they were suffering in the heat. Other cattle were yarded and trucked off to be sold.

Here is a movie dad sent me today show the "mighty" Darling River - how sad that it is almost dry.

My dad sends me regular emails and photos via text to keep me updated with the property which I love. He keeps and eye on my beautiful horses and makes sure I get to see them at least once a month through the inter webs.

My horse Splash (on the left), and Dad's horse Ben.
Both looking skinny and not liking the heat very much!

It pains me to see our beautiful property in such dry and sad conditions, but I know it's apart of farming, as we all do.

I love rural Australia but it is suffering currently, and it pays to reflect on the hard times those are having in this drought. Some farmers are far worse off than us, some have even had to sell everything they have just to get by! I just hope the rains come soon to help save the livestock and the farmers from these terribly dry conditions.

Keep our farmers in your thoughts this week, and lets all pray for some much needed rain.
E, x

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