Monday, February 17, 2014

Why do I blog?

I was reading a blog post by another lovely blogger today and her post sparked me to think about my own blog and why I blog at all.

I have been blogging since about 2010 and originally started blogging as a way of showing my crafty side when I was taking crochet and knitting lessons. I have been off the needles (and hooks) for a little while now due to work and uni commitments (although I am starting up again in March over at Jellywares' seasonal yarn club - check it out if you're keen to join!) but continued blogging anyway.

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Some weeks I have nothing to blog about, and some weeks I have lots, but I keep asking myself - why do I blog at all?

I think I mainly blog for myself. It's an outlet for my thoughts and my creative side. I am able to jot things down and document events I think are special or worthy of mention. It's a great way of looking back at all of the things I have been doing throughout the years.

Sometimes I think I blog for my readers - if there are any out there.... is there anybody out there???

I never really know if what I write goes out into the interwebs just to sit there, un-read and un-noticed. Unless I get a comment or two, but even then I think - did what I wrote matter? Or does it just matter to me?

I've contemplated closing the blog down before and have just never done it. I love to blog, I love reading blogs and I love the blogging community there is out there.

I need to blog more, I know that, because there are times when hearing from like-minded readers and other bloggers out there really makes my day and that's a bonus!

Who are you blogging for? And what bloggy stuff do you like to read about?

If you're out there...... anybody.....


  1. Hey Ellie, I can totally relate to your reasons for blogging. I miss it because it was such a great way to document your life and the community is great. I got bummed out when I thought no one was out there haha But I guess it's probably like a book author who doesn't stop writing even though they've never had a best seller. Doing it for the love of it's enough. Well that's what I need to tell myself! Look forward to seeing your projects soon - so wish I could knit and crochet but I tried, so unco haha


    1. Thanks Kiki Chaos! I knew there must be others out there that feel the same way! And I love the analogy of the book author - it's so true! I'll keep writing as long as it makes me happy and if people enjoy and read on then that's a bonus too!! I can't wait to get crafting again! Crochet is a lot easier than knitting! I'm a bit unco at knitting too haha x

  2. Instagram killed so many blogs. It's so much easier to instagram what you bought/are wearing/eating than writing a post about it. Kinda sad because I miss most of the bloggers from the Vogue Forums.

    1. This is such a good point MrsB! Instagram has changed social media a lot! I am a die-hard instagram fan and find it is a lot easier to get a glimpse into people's lives and get inspiration from there. Maybe it has damaged blogging a bit! It's sad though :( I love blogland!!

  3. I'm here!!

    I think you're blogging for the right reasons. As long as it makes you happy, continue to do it.

    Sometimes I'm not sure if anyone is out there reading but you'd be surprised at how many people read blogs without even having a blogger account and therefore never comment.

    1. This is so true! I know a lot of friends and some family that tune in to read my blog when it gets emailed to them so they don't show up as 'followers' as such! I read a lot of blogs without commenting too! Maybe I'll make that my mission to comment more on people's blogs so they know we are out there reading!!
      Thanks for commenting! x


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