Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brisbane Bound...

Last week the bf and I took a trip to sunny Queensland!

It was the most perfect time to get away as I hadn't had a day off work since Christmas and I was getting a little stir-crazy and needed some time to recharge.

We flew into the beautiful city of Brisbane on Thursday morning to meet seven of our friends for a long weekend adventure.

The bf has a long love affair with heavy metal music so we all decided we'd tag a long to the Soundwave music festival held on the Saturday. I don't go much on the heavy metal, but it was a great excuse to catch up with friends and have a weekend away in a new city.

Surprisingly I had never spent much time in Brissie (except for a night or two on a school excursion back in year nine!) It is a beautiful city, and so different to Sydney.

We stayed in the Bridgewater Apartments in Kangaroo Point and it was the most perfect location for what we were after. A good sized apartment will a beautiful swimming pool, a short stroll to the river with a great cocktail bar and restaurant on the corner. What more could we have asked for?

Now, let me get to the cocktails. Ah-mazing! We used the nearby Shelter Bar (part of the Story Bridge Hotel) as our "starting point" most nights and it was great! The presentation they put into their drinks (particularly the cocktails) and their food was fab!

My friend and I were drinking the $10 cocktail special (served on Friday nights as part of their 'Flavour Fridays' special) that were served in the cutest mason jars - I'm a sucker for a mason jar! And because we were drinking the cocktail special we got to enter into a competition to win a $125 Swarovski crystal voucher, and guess what??? I won the voucher on our first night at the bar! Suffice to say, the Shelter Bar is my new favourite hang out.

New earrings I purchased with my winning voucher!

Brisbane put on great weather for us too. I had been down before we left Sydney as I studied the forecast for the weekend and it said rain for all four days. BUT, mother nature pulled through and we had amazing sunshine plus cooler overcast weather for the festival. Winning!

We made a short trek up the coast on Friday to try our hand at Go-Karting! We visited the Big Go-Kart track only 21kms from Mooloolaba and we all had a ball (especially the boys who seem to always get their competitive racing faces on when anything with a motor is involved!)

We stopped in at my favourite beach in Australia (so far... I haven't seen them all), and had lunch at the Mooloolaba Surf Club (another of my regular hang-outs when on family holidays growing up).

I was surprised at how quiet Brisbane city was. Walking around the CBD and river on Sunday was so different to a day in Sydney. There weren't a lot of people, no rowdy noises, just beautiful scenery and lovely people.

On our final night the boys tried their hand at the casino (not me though, I was knackered and went home for an early night). It seemed a go on the pokies was "meant to be" for our friend Simon - he put $10 in for one hit (despite his gf telling him he'd spent enough that night!) and made himself a sweet $6,000!!!!

Holiday paid for. Lucky duck!!

All in all, it was the best weekend away! Brisbane, you put on such a good show, I am falling for your sunny charm. I hope we meet again soon.

E, x

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