Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lusting Lush...

On a recent trip to the big smoke (thats Sydney for all you NSW folks) I got my "retail" therapy on (not that I really needed to because I TOTALLY blew my budget, Oops!! What girl doesn't on a shopping trip, I mean really?!)

Anyhow, I came across the most devine smelling shop I had ever smelt.

I was so surpirsed when I entered the shop dropping the "Oh Wow!" and the "How Cool!" lines at everything I looked at.

Now I'm no "greeny" as such but I am totally into healthy, organic, handmade stuff and that goes for things that I use on my body too (i.e. cosmetics, cleansers, shampoos etc) so when I came across Lush I fell in love!

This place is cool!!
Check it out - here.

It's got a similar vibe to The Body Shop but is a little different too. When you're in the shop you can get your hands into all of the product testers, feel the texture of the face cleaners, smell the bath soap melts and fizzy bombs and even get a free facial!! You'll find shampoos and conditioners, gift packs, neck creams, face masks, perfumes... ah all the yummy things a girl could love!



I'm in love. I'm off to spend some online dough on my order now. hehe

(All pictures from here )

See you again soon :o)



  1. I wish I could shop in Lush because I'm always being told how great the products are, but the smell overwhelms me even before I get into the shop, and makes me feel sick.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for writing about LUSH. I visited the website and read about the company - love it. I wish it's products are available everywhere!


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