Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Wurm...

This week I cast on Cat Readings version of "The Wurm Cowl" that I have ravelled here.

I've decided that this pretty project will be for my Mum.

wurm cowl

Mum does so much for so many people she doesn't even realise it. So I'm making this for her as a gift! Everyone deserves a gift everynow and then to say thanks!

It's an easy going pattern, made with yummy Malabrigo worsted. If you've ever checked out The Wurm pattern before you will know its an easy combo of knitting and purling. I love it.

wurm cowl2

As you can tell I've hardly done anything (only 3 rows of garter, 5 rows of purl and 1.5 rows of knitting to be exact!!) but I have a feeling this will be a quick knit and I love that!!

wurm cowl3

You might also be wondering about my Little Rufflte. Don't worry, I haven't lost motivation! I actually ran out of yarn (don't you hate that!?) so I managed to pick up some more Malabrigo and will hopefully have it done and dusted soon!


More knit-news to come soon.

I'm playing along with Kootoyoo's creative space here. Whats in your creative space this week?



  1. love that shade of green x

  2. That great is really nie - I have made the wurmas the beanie - off to check out the cowl mods:)


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