Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not so phone savy...

Do you "iphone" ?

As in....... do you have an iphone??

I know I'm probably showing that I am waaaay out of the phone-tech loop when I admit this but I'm yet to have joined the masses and jump on the Apple band wagon and buy one of these super smart - high tech phones.



You see, today my beloved Nokia (an older version... not that old though) started to show its age and is playing up indicating to me that its most probably on its way to mobile phone heaven. It's sad because for as long as I've been able to have a mobile phone (probably around 8 years) I've always had an easy to follow standard Nokia phone which I could always navigate through super well.



Now that I am on the cards for a new phone I am pondering whether to take the plunge and join the masses of iphone owners and users. (I'm not that phone savy you see!)

So I'm just throwing it out there for some advice from some other iphone owners...

Are they hard to use? Is it worth getting one?

Do you like your iphone?

Any feedback is much appreciated!



  1. You should totally get an iPhone. I swapped out a pretty basic Nokia for mine and I've never looked back. I've got an old 3Gs, but the iPhone 4 is amazing.

    Get one, you won't regret it!

  2. Thanks Tink, thats awesome feedback! :o)

  3. I love my iPhone, it's so easy to use I'm not technical in the slightest and I only got one because my husband got one. But I really love it! It does so much! Get one!!

  4. I don't have an iPhone, but every one of my friends who has one is in love with it. It's definitey worth the money and you most likely won't be disappointed. But my friends who have Droids are equally happy as well. So any smart phone would do, really. I'm jealous you're getting one. :) I'm stuck with the crappy free phone that came with the plan. :/

  5. I am a little doola poor so I brought the HTC, and I love it! I was scared to use Michaels but when it's your own you just play around and figure it out. Basically they are just computers that can call people now :-)

  6. once you go mac, you won't go back!

  7. I was POSITIVE I didn't want an iphone...just knew I wanted a keyboard. I was WRONG. I have been in an unending love affair since I switched.....all after my son gave me his for 30 You will never regret it, never turn back. You will kick yourself for waiting so long.....there are apps that are SO Dragon was either free or 99cents...and you speak into your iphone and it TYPES everything you said, with amazing accuracy. You then can edit it (if needed) and then text it, email it, or copy and save it. Use it all the time for long I could go on and on.....P.S. Have you read my Word Verification posts? Increase your comments.....upper right sidebar on my blog...

  8. I too had a nokia and I too was wary of changing to an iphone (my daughter has one and loves it) but recently I had to upgrade and I took the plunge. It's fabulous - easy to use and navigate around and even though I vowed I'd never use the apps which were placed on it for me by a nephew, I actually do like to play the odd game whilst waiting for kids to come out of school, the bus to come, etc....
    My daughter has a macbook and an iphone and she has said to me on a number of occasions, 'once you mac you don't go back' .....goodluck with your decision :)


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